Dr. Garo Tchakian, D.C.,
Van Nuys, CA

“I was a totally disabled chiropractor receiving monthly disability payments after 20 years in practice. Mr. Alan Buckholtz negotiated a $500,000 cash settlement of my future benefits.

“A month before they were going to cancel my benefits, Alan threatened them with a bad faith lawsuit and they settled immediately. I highly recommend this highly experienced law firm, especially if you want your attorney to always keep you informed and respond to your calls."

Dr. Susan Moein, MBA, PhD, D.C.
Carmel, CA

“A surgeon friend of mine wanted a cash buy-out of his monthly disability benefits. I highly recommended Alan Buckholtz, who personally negotiated a large cash settlement within 45 days. I referred another physician out of California who was also very satisfied, especially with the reasonable fee. I have worked with many attorneys in my 30 year career, but Buckholtz and Associates is at the top of my list. You can trust Alan Buckholtz."

Other Cases

Defective Product
Recent Settlement $2,000,000
(Stuntman coordinator – Colorado)

A tailgate on a large trailer that hauled NASCAR vehicles fell on my client because of a defective pin. My five depositions of the trailer owner's employees proved that he was aware of the defect. Depositions of the manufacturers' representatives revealed that they also were aware of the defective pin. We settled the case against the owner and the manufacturer for total of $2,000,000.

Paul Doan, Orange County, Calif.
Lawsuit Against a Bar: $345,000

"Four different lawyers refused to take my case because of my behavior after drinking too much in a bar. I was injured when the bouncer dropped me as he was carrying me out.

"Mr. Buckholtz took over 10 depositions of the insurance company's experts and the bar employees and settled for $345,000. He would never give up. People need a lawyer who will fight for a client in a difficult situation like mine. I am so grateful to Alan and his associates and highly recommend his office.”

Barbara Gangi, Los Angeles
Automobile Accident: $500,000

“To whom it may concern:
I was a television producer who was injured in an auto accident. My first lawyer kept urging me to settle within 6 months for $50,000. I kept telling him it wasn't even enough to cover my lost earnings. Mr. Buckholtz was highly recommended, took over the case and after he had taken many depositions of their insurance experts and others, we settled for $500,000, including my future lost earnings. Alan Buckholtz restored my faith in lawyers."

Joe Naudzunas, San Francisco, Calif.
Speeding Motorcycle: $100,000 Policy Limits

"I was traveling 75 miles an hour through an intersection in San Francisco on my motorcycle and the other driver ran a red light. A friend recommended Mr. Buckholtz. Because a police officer witnessed my speeding, I was only offered $40,000, which I asked that Alan accept. Alan refused to accept the offer until he flew to San Francisco and took the deposition of the officer who I saw him grill for 4 hours! 3 days later they offered the total policy limits of $100,000.

“If you want a lawyer who won't give up even if his client wants to settle for less, hire Alan Buckholtz."

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